Pseushi is a new label out of Sydney. I spoke to Wesley and Chris about its beginnings and how they've gotten to where they are now.


What and Who is Pseushi?
W: Pseushi is a partnership between two friends with common visions, values and beliefs. 

What lead you to start the label?
W: I’ve always been a visual person. Pseushi started when I began experimenting and overlapping my interests. Growing up I’ve always been inspired by self expression through clothing and merging that with illustrations, graphics and photography seemed inevitable. 

C: Wes started the label before I came onboard. I’ve always worked in visual mediums and clothing felt like the logical next step for the work I’ve been doing.



When you finally decided to start the label, what steps did you take to actually put the idea into practice?
W: I visited some manufacturers and talked to a few people that have made t-shirts in the past and learnt what was possible and what wasn’t. Then I brought some drawings and photographs to a printer and went from there. 

C: Through an interest in clothing and the industry I’ve been studying labels I loved for a long time, so it’s been a good chance to put in to practice the lessons I’ve learnt from looking at those I admire.


What things influence the style of your art and the label as a whole?
W: Visually I try and stay inspired by things outside of fashion ie. art, film, dialogue between people or music, but as a label I think what’s important to us is making things that age well and generate relationships with people after use. Timelessness? 

C: Analogue mediums and slow culture is a huge influence for us, we aren’t looking to ride trends or create clothing you won’t wear a year from now. I wear all my clothes until they break down, and I want people to do that with the clothing we make.




What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?
W: I was told by someone that after receiving a tee he had bought, it made him want to start making his own clothes and I think that to me meant more than seeing people camp out for a tee and flipping it for cash I think. 

What’s next for Pseushi?
W: Same thing as it’s always been I guess, just making things we like and hopefully others too. 

C: Keep moving forward and experimenting. Testing the medium and processes to create the best outcome we can.


Pseushi's second collection is available now.

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