LOT-2046 is a subscription service that distributes a set of minimalistic items each month.

Vadik Marmeladov – a Russian designer and creative who is known for founding Lapka, an “offbeat sensor startup” which was recently acquired by Airbnb, has launched his latest project – LOT–2046.

The project can be found here, and we’re not quite sure if it’s serious. It starts of quite normal – describing itself as a “subscription-based service which distributes a basic set of clothing, footwear, essential self-care products, accessories, and media content” each month. But further down, when they begin showing items from their “Advanced Plan” like Tattoo Machines and Identification Bracelets it begins to get a bit murky. This very well just could be an art piece, or even an ARG.

Although, a user from HackerNews subscribed to the service for “entertainment” purposes, and has received a confirmation email. Orders begin shipping in June – so I guess we can find out then.

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