What and Who is Girltama?

Girltama is a biannual print magazine run by the two of us- Anna Higgins and Ruby Giles. The main principles of the magazine are inclusivity, fun and an emphasis on the thoughtful and considered. We want to include creatives that we know put their absolute heart and soul into their work, and have fun with everything we do.  


What lead you to start the magazine?

Ever since we became the best of friends we always planned (and continue to plan) creative projects that previously ranged from web series to children’s books. We bounce off each other perfectly and have very similar outlooks on life, aesthetics, stuff we can’t afford and generalised anxiety.

The reason we decided to go with a print publication was because having something you have physically hold in your hand is much more special than uploading work to an online platform like we have done previously in the past. It seemed more permanent, and more of a special way that people could have a physical record of their contribution to the magazine.



When you finally decided to start the magazine, what steps did you take to actually put the idea into practice?

Lots of mood boards, group chats on Facebook and long hot car trips to strange locations. We were overwhelmed at the amount of submissions we received given that we had only established ourselves online shortly before. A lot of our friends are involved in the art and fashion world and so we began by asking around, seeing who was interested in getting involved, and we have been overwhelmed by how kind and generous everyone has been with their time and energy!


What things influence the style of your art and the magazine as a whole?

We are influenced by magazines such as Ruins magazine, LOVE magazine, Wonderland, POP magazine, i-D, King Kong, Sentimental Magazine.. all the big and small names out there. But mainly we are inspired by the amazing people around us- such as one of our best friends and supporters Kurt Johnson, the instagram of one of our main muses Chloe Corkran (candlelyte.c), the art of Chloe Wise, Ren Hang, 1800-Grimes, Stella Leung, Valentina Sykes’ fashion sense, insta-famous pomeranians and siamese cats etc..



What advice do you have for young women that may be struggling to turn their ideas into a reality?

If you have ideas, don’t come from money and live in a place where you spend 60% of your income on living costs then you can and most definitely should just do it. The world is always in need of more female creatives to help topple over the entrenched patriarchal structures that stop women from succeeding in the art world.  Your ideas are valid, interesting and someone out there will resonate with them!


What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Given the current situation in Australia with significant cuts being made to the arts we feel it is super important to sustain the print platform within the Sydney & Australian creative community.

There are so many fabulous Australian & international publications that we admire and would love to one day establish a place within. Printing is expensive, challenging and nerve-wracking, but so so worth it when you see the finished product arrive. Print isn’t dead unless we let it die.



How was the launch party?

Wild! So many people showed up and bought over half of our stock which we were super ecstatic about.

We feel the abundance of free drinks moved the event scale from a low key opening to a rogue early-evening warehouse party within an hour of our doors opening. We had Girltama stickers and lots of free-flowing champagne (we’d like to thank our sponsors!)


What’s next for Girltama?

We’re currently working on a few shoots in Los Angeles for the US Summer, and planning on having a few more beauty shoots, a potential collaboration with Goodspace Gallery that is currently in the works, and we hope to get many more amazing submissions for issue two.


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