Low Ton


Vintage styled red ringer tees, turtlenecks and a Vetements rip off coming in the form of an Australia Post tee was what initally drew me into Low Ton – but with a string of shows both behind and infront of them and a monthly spot on FBi's Click, they are obviously more than merch. 


Who is Low Ton and How did it start?

Low Ton was started in Sydney by a couple of friends who started throwing club nights because there was nowhere to hear new rap and club music. We found our spiritual home at Goodgod Small Club (rip) and began to connect with some super talented producers, artists and DJs. The clothes came second but that's where the focus has started to shift :~)


You obviously love the colour Red. Why?

We love primary colours! bold & beaut tbh ~



What motivated you to begin creating goods and starting a brand?

We just wanted to make some merch to wear ourselves and then our friends wanted some too, then next thing you know we're all friends here!


Apart from other design and music, what has influenced the style of the looks and sounds you’re creating? 

Inspiration comes from everywhere - with the internet in ur pocket there's literally endless things that have influence on us - from Rihanna to Kar Wang Chai to old baseball cards. We like to look at things that are retro yet feel ahead of their time but never too serious because we do this for FUN :-) 



What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Good vibes, exciting people and the urge to get stuff poppin in our little city ~


What’s next for Low Ton?

We have a few colabs on the way with some local and international artists that we love as well as some new LT gear. We're also performing at The RBMA Weekender and Volumes 2016 in Sydney, plus you can catch our radio show monthly on FBi Click :~)


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