Nothing is a Sydney based Streetwear label by Mark Soetantyo. 


What lead you to start the label?

I always want to have my own label and to do something fashion related. So last year after couple of friends started to do some tees I feel like it was the perfect timing to have my own label. At first it’s just for fun and a side project, but with the positive response it became a full time thing for me. It’s still not 110% though, I still believe there’s a lot of things that can be explore in order for the brand to move forward, but I also have other things to focus at the moment such as my family (my partner and I got a 8 yo months daughter). 


When you finally decided to start the label, what steps did you take to actually put the idea into practice?

Just a bit of research for inspirations etc. At the beginning I wanted to do just full typography, but I realised that it wasn’t strong enough, the brand need to stand out and over something special to the crowd. So I start exploring other ideas, but I already started to do branding around the name Nothing and bought domain name etc, and I don’t want to waste time and money so I just go with it LOL. I explores Asian sub-cultures, not just because my background is Asian, but I look up to these Asian cultures particularly Japanese culture, but on the other hand I don’t want just stuck with Japanese cultures so every time anyone ask the concept behind Nothing I always say Asian cultures as a whole, not just Japanese. Vintage erotica is also part of the inspiration, I found old Playboy magazines or sex ads or Japanese erotica has that really strong characteristics, and I wanted to apply that to the graphic without being to frontal and offensive of course. 



What things influence the style of your art and the label as a whole?

Nothing in particular, can be anything that I saw on the street or from magazines, I just do what ever feels right at the moment. 


What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Friends that doing the same thing, encouragement from my partners and close friends. And the same old stories about if you work hard you’ll make it. 


What’s next for Nothing?

Hopefully more cut and sew, and other collaborations. I’m talking with this established high end Australian brand for a future collaboration, and if all works well it will be a great and exciting project.


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