Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Christie! I’m a 20-something graphic designer, digital artist, art director and DJ based in Sydney, Australia. I founded the online and print publication PITCH ZINE. I work as an in-house designer for an Australian eyewear brand and help run a label/club night called Sidechains here in Sydney. I also work as a freelance designer and digital artist!


How did Pitch Zine get started and what steps did you take to put the idea into action?

Its actually a pretty random story. I was studying visual communication at Uni and had a bunch of bookmarks (like, literally a hundred tabs open on one browser window lol), which basically I was hoarding and wanted a create a way to showcase these fantastic people that not a huge community knew about.

Eventually it turned into a full-blown publication and we were successful in producing a print edition. Which was the dream I must say!

I think I’m just a workaholic that likes making things look good and helping creatives push their work into the community and thats how it became what it is.



What advice do you have for young women wanting to launch their own projects?

Go forth and conquer! Honestly I love working for clients and creating work to further their brand but there’s nothing more gratifying than saying “Hey, I own that and I’m fucking proud of it!"


How do you work on so many things at once?

As I said before, I’m a bit of a workaholic. Whoops. If I’m not out DJing or listening to my favourite producers in the club, you’ll probably find me at home hidden behind my giant screen.


What advice do you have for people trying to create strong communities/followings around what they create?

Just make it clear that you’re really passionate about what you’re doing. The rest will speak for itself.



Apart from other art and design, what directly inspires your work and your creative style?

Music! I listen to a huge variety of music. Hip Hop, Grime, Club, Jersey Club, PC Music, World Music, House, Techno - the list goes on!


What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Honestly just being surrounded by beautiful, talented and incredible friends. We’re basically family and we all strive to make a difference in our chosen discipline which is super inspiring. 


No matter how small or insignificant, what is one thing you’ve done this week that has made you happy?

I came to realise that my life is actually really great, and I shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying it. 


What are your plans for the next few years?

Travel, work, party. I want to push my career to a whole new level. Work with innovative and forward thinking companies. Make cool shit. Enjoy my youth!


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