Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver is a Graphic Designer and Artist I stumbled upon via Twitter, and instantly followed because of her work with Need Supply. I'm glad it happened because her work is great. Read on for an interview that touches upon Instagram, Fashion and Fitness – with one of the nicest people we've had on the Creators Series.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Marleigh, a Richmond lady who keeps busy designing, drawing and sharing neat things. I'm on the creative team at Need Supply Co. and have been there over 2.5 years. I also run the Instagram which is challenging and exciting. I freelance and run on the side. I definitely try to live my life to the fullest.


Apart from other art and design, what directly inspires your work and your design style?

Does film count as not being a part of those?! Also, plants. Nature. There's something so mysterious about something we can't communicate with through wording. I've always loved moving films. I'm sensitive and like good music and romantic shit. Music is also a huge part of making something. It may change the colors or textures in a piece I'm working on.


What’s your favourite thing about working at Need Supply?

We run like a small company, but we have a huge reach. It's a special place. There might be others like it but it really is something else. Everyone there makes it. So many unique and funny people with accomplished backgrounds and unique talent. We get to do so many cool things and work with amazing partners.

Shot by Aya Wind

I’m assuming everyone in your office dresses well. Do you ever get tired of having to keep up with everything?

I'm laughing! Yes, honestly. It might be that I'm not a morning person so some days I'm obviously not trying. But we also work for a company with a lot of looks. So  wearing jeans and cool tennies is fine. I dress better when I go out at night or on the weekend. It does help when someone dresses cute and then I'm like "oh yeah I have a lot of clothes that are cool besides t-shirts."


What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about managing an Instagram account with almost 100 thousand followers?

Figuring out how to grow Instagram is hard! Need is a retailer but also a lifestyle brand so trying to balance that where things don't come off too annoying is difficult. I work with the marketing team, they do all the real work. I'm tracking analytics and I fill out the calendar with  imagery. From studies everyone freaking loves shoes. There isn't too much different from a smaller account. 


What inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

This quote which I hate, "Everything has been done before." That's impossible!! And so jaded. Other people and my friends inspire me to keep going. When I put things out in the universe they come back in different ways. I'm so thankful I get to do so much. I want to inspire people and make beautiful unique things. I have known since I was young I had a mission to work in the arts. 

Tell me about Routine Club.

It's a thing my boyfriend and myself made up to force ourselves to do more. We are crazy and will push ourselves to do anything to the point of exhaustion. This can be a great trait. I am never bored. I just want to make, make, make. Routine Club is our sketch book and it has turned into more than that and brought us some cool opportunities. We didn't expect anything to happen with it other than personal happiness and some creative growth.


No matter how small or insignificant, what is one thing you’ve done this week that has made you happy?

RUN. I danced for 13 years so giving my body what it needs physically is super, super important to me. I have a healthy body and I want to treat it well. Running is so freeing. I love to sweat and feel like I really accomplished something. I hit over 30 miles for the month of March.


What are your plans for the next few years?

There's a list of things I want to make and places I want to visit. I'm looking forward to making bigger work, like working on films, painting murals somewhere and hopefully volunteering within the arts. I really want to have an exhibition somewhere. I dream of opening a cool plant store / art space and healthy cafe place (this is lacking where we work in Richmond!) Other than that, I flow through life. I work until the next thing comes up and my projects just get cooler and cooler every year.

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